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Financial Literacy & Life Skills Conferences

Our Mission...

Our mission is to address an important missing component many of our youth desperately need to have a happy and healthy financial outlook in life.  This financial knowledge is often not taught in schools and many times parents and adults feel uncomfortable having these conversations with kids and teens.  Our goal is to help our youth build their money management and financial awareness skills with fun and educational programs incorporating those much needed life skills and wisdom needed to help them build successful financial futures.

A Little About Us,

& What is Financial Adventure?

There is so much financial education information out there for kids and teens, yet many parents find it hard to gather that information and put it into a consistent format to teach financial literacy to their children.  As a Certified Public Accountant with over 28 years of experience, I have a passion for teaching those incredibly important skills.  I have owned my own accounting practice for over thirteen years.  You can learn more about this successful business by visiting  My husband and I have two daughters as well as three young grandchildren.  Knowing kids and teens are not getting the financial education they need, we decided to act on this problem.  Prior to launching our Treasure My Future Conferences, we created an educational program that encourages kids and teens to engage in a monthly age appropriate program teaching these essential financial skills that will last them throughout their adult lives.  This program is our Financial Adventure Journeys.  You can learn more about these journeys by visiting  We started with those Financial Adventure Journeys, and then we created and started to hold a FREE Financial Literacy & Life Skills Conference called Treasure My Future.  After the first year, we were asked to hold additional conferences.  We received many positive comments and our conferences have gone over really well.  We designed a simple way for other professionals to hold these conferences in their local communities.  We wanted to make sure these events were free for kids & teens and knowing that financial literacy isn't always an interesting topic, we made sure our conferences were fun and we promote participation during each of the sessions.  Did I mention each student also receives a gift and a Certificate Of Attendance they can bring back to their school to earn extra credit if their school participates? 

Our goal is to simply make learning about financial education fun, rewarding and as real-life as possible. We are eager to bring these opportunities to you.

Customer service is very important to us!  If you ever have any questions or comments about Financial Adventure, or Treasure My Future, please feel free to email us at and we will respond as soon as we can.

We hope you will enjoy our programs!


Chief Adventure Creator




Email with any questions or comments.

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