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Treasure My Future Financial Literacy & Life Skills Conference for Kids & Teens
Financial Literacy & Life Skills Conferences
What Are Treasure My Future Conferences?
Financial literacy and life skills seem to be missing in many of our student's lives.  Treasure My Future Conferences are creating a movement to bring this much needed information back into their lives by taking the wealth of financial knowledge that is available and transforming it into a fun and exciting FREE event for students.  Our Treasure My Future Conferences can come to your community or we offer Treasure My Future Mini-Conferences where local professionals present on financial topics they are passionate about at a conferences where students are engaged in sessions geared toward their age level.  Conference attendees are rewarded for their participation during the presentations and receive a Certificate Of Attendance which can be used to earn extra credit if their school chooses to participate.  Depending on the conference, students may also receive prizes and could leave the conference with a thank-you gift for attending.  Our past attendees love this new concept, have attended multiple conferences and look forward to future events.  Adults are welcome to attend with their students and have enjoyed getting conversations started with their students.

Each Treasure My Future conference:

  • Follows our core mission to enhance youth financial literacy.

  • Aligns to the Jump$tart National Standards for K - 12 Personal Finance Education.

  • Is geared to make learning financial & life skills engaging and fun for students.

  • Brings knowledge and real-life experiences from local professionals to the students.

  • Helps students learn to be more responsible with their financial choices.

  • Invests in the financial future of our youth.

What are our attendees saying?

  •   "I liked the explanations & learning about loans."

  •   "Helpful information for my future."

  •   "It was super informal and fun."

  •   "I liked the fact that it was geared to young people."

  •   "They taught you many things that are valuable to everyone now & in the future."

  •   "Seemed to be age appropriate - even nice review for adults."

  •   "Had a mesh of topics."

  •   "The lesson about budgeting was informational."

  •   "Everyone was inviting and I felt welcome."

  •   "It was really fun & useful skills were taught."

  •   "I loved the whole thing."

  •   "Very well organized - stayed on schedule."

  •   "Teaches kids when they are influential."

  •   "Money is how we live and we need to know how to manage it."

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