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Treasure My Future Financial Literacy & Life Skills Conference For Kids & Teens

Wish There Was A Treasure My Future Conference In Your Area?

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Here's What Past Attendees Have Said:

  •   "I liked the explanations & learning about loans."

  •   "Helpful information for my future."

  •   "It was super informal and fun."

  •   "I liked the fact that it was geared to young people."

  •   "They taught you many things that are valuable to everyone now & in the future."

  •   "Seemed to be age appropriate - even nice review for adults."

  •   "Had a mesh of topics."

  •   "The lesson about budgeting was informational."

  •   "Everyone was inviting and I felt welcome."

  •   "It was really fun & useful skills were taught."

  •   "I loved the whole thing."

  •   "Very well organized - stayed on schedule."

  •   "Teaches kids when they are influential."

  •   "Money is how we live and we need to know how to manage it."

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